A visit to Bolzano

Taking advantage of the ongoing collection of apples this year, together with my friend dr. Dariusz Gajek from Agro Research Consulting, we went to a fruit production center – South Tyrol. The visit took place on October 16-18, aiming to sum up the past season, plan future field experiments and discuss new solutions that would intensify the production of apples in that area. A very important element of this trip were visits to the orchards of our partners, Dr. Karl Frasnelli and Manfred Varesco, in which fertilization programs based on Intertec products, also offered in Poland by our company, are implemented.

In the face of this year’s situation on the fruit market in Poland, the subject of the discussion has repeatedly returned to the profitability of this production, not only in our country. Certainly, the multigenerational experience of numerous fruit families may contribute to maintaining production at a profitable level to a large extent.

The key is, however, innovation and rational investment in cultivation, ensuring the stability of supplies to associations or purchasing companies, and the greatest care for the quality of the offered fruit.

Only responsible and well-planned production makes sense. All the more so because in such countries as Hungary, Ukraine or Romania very high competition is growing, mainly concerning poor fruit quality, directed mainly to the industrial sector. It would seem that the financial conditions and the multitude of modern solutions offered to fruit farmers in this region create ideal conditions for this type of crops. It is worth mentioning, however, that in Italy payment terms are stretched in time, up to a year after the sale of the goods. Spot market prices may also differ even several times, as in the case of our market. For example, the prices of the Golden Delicious variety of dessert quality last year were around 0.70 €, while this year’s prices are only around 0.20 €.


A summary of this visit and conclusions from the discussions will be presented at training meetings organized before the next season.

Jan Szałas

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