Szałas Agro is a project that was created in 2018. The beginning itself activity is however much more distant, because more than 30 years ago in the heart of the hop and fruit basin, in the Lublin voivodeship was established the company Import-Export J.A.Szałas, specializing in hop trade.

Siedziba firmy w Karczmiskach

Import-Export J.A.Szałas from the beginning was a family business and so it is until now when Joanna and Andrzej Szałas, the founders of the company, joined their son, Jan. Together they introduce innovative solutions to the hop industry, what stands out from competition in this sector.

In 2008, the founders of the company came out with a new proposal for hops growers. The Import-Export J.A.Szałas company always valued the highest quality purchased raw material, so in addition to the ongoing consultancy in the field of hop growing, it was decided to launch specialized products on the market supporting the cultivation of this plant. It required a lot of experience and long-term implementations. After this period, it was possible to create a full offer, but not only for growing hops, but also for many varieties of berry plants and pome fruit crops.

Currently, the Szałas Agro project was created in the family-owned Import-Export J.A. Szałas company, offering specialized nutritional and growth stimulating products for plants. It is a range of innovative fertilizers which effectiveness is confirmed by long-term use in countries with highly advanced horticultural production.

Mission of the company

In the production of fertilizers offered by the Szałas Agro, innovative technologies and formulation methods are used. Condition of healthy nourished and properly cultivated plants, especially in the case of horticultural crops, allows efficient, high-quality production. Suggested solutions perfectly fit into the requirements of sustainable agriculture, ensuring high quality and thus meeting the expectations of consumers.

Siedziba firmy w Karczmiskach

The products offered by Szałas Agro are implemented in close cooperation with their users, thanks to which their operation is directly confirmed.

These implementations are preceded by special studies based on innovative methods, as well as on the knowledge of natural potential of the plants.


The goal of the Szałas Agro company is to provide to agricultural producers advanced tools with a special mode of action, ensuring to obtain the highest and possibly most qualitative yield. Many years of trade experience of the company’s founders indicates that only such solutions allow significantly increase the profitability of the plantation.

The Szałas Agro assumption is also coherence with the requirements of integrated crop management. A composition of many products that is based on natural ingredients, creates the potential to use them in organic farming.