Calcium – the building block of firmness and shelf-life of berries [webinar]

All growers know very well how important calcium is in the nutrition of berry plants (and not only). This component is the main building block of cell walls. It is responsible for the integrity of cell membranes, ensuring efficient transport of matter and information exchange between the inside of the cell and its surroundings.

Calcium – the basis of fruit firmness and durability

Calcium deficiency in fruits can inhibit the division and growth of cells in fruits, and worse, can lead to their breakdown. This, in turn, results in unfavorable physiological disorders, such as loss of firmness, mold or the occurrence of various storage diseases. The worst and obvious consequence is a decrease in the quality of the fruit, and thus a lower commercial value of the yield.

The webinar was held on March 30 under the title “Calcium – the building block of the commercial durability of berries”. Among the invited experts were Dr. Piotr Chohura from the University of Life Sciences in Wrocław, Dr. Paweł Krawiec from Horti Team and Jan Szałas, representative of Szałas agro. All the presentations and most of the questions asked by the viewers concerned the nutrition of plants with calcium. Its abundance, appropriate form and conditions for harvesting are factors that strongly influence obtaining a crop that meets the increasing quality requirements of final customers.

HortiCaltech and Bioup® – ways to improve the qulity of the fruits

During the webinar, we discussed our experiences on the farm of Dr. Paweł Krawiec with the Bioup® biostimulant, which is also a product that perfectly influences the quality of fruit, as well as two years of experience with HortiCaltech based on the breakthrough CaT™ technology.

To those who were with us during the webinar, we would like to thank you for participating! However, those who did not have such an opportunity and are interested in the topic of calcium, we encourage you to read the article summarizing the meeting and watch the video on YouTube.

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