Conference “Overview of trends and innovations in international horticulture”

We invite you to the conference organized as part of the Szałas Agro project, a brand owned by Import-Export J.A.Szałas.
The conference will cover many current topics related to the fruit and vegetable industry by specialists in this sector. On our part, we will offer innovative solutions to many issues or problems.

The conference will take place at the Czartoryski Palace, the headquarters of IUNG in Puławy, on February 2, 2019. For organizational reasons, please confirm your presence by 29 January this year.

The wish to participate in the conference should be sent to the email address:


Speaker Subject of the speech
Andrzej Szałas Welcome guests

prof. dr hab. Lidia Sas

InHort Skierniewice

The importance of soil condition in horticultural crops. Natural ways to prevent soil degradation

prof. dr hab. Waldemar Treder

InHort Skierniewice

Precise irrigation and fertigation in a modern farm.

prof. dr hab. Grażyna Soika

InHort Skierniewice

The current situation in the protection of minor crops against pests.
dr Karl Frasnelli, Consorzio Agrario di Bolzano Production of high quality apples – experiences from South Tyrol.

Georg Santoni

Consorzio Agrario di Bolzano

Intertec International SRL

Presentation of the company and solutions, Italy

Daniel Wilkinson

Hortifeeds International

Presentation of the company and solutions, Great Britain

Carolina Nicolás

Agrosanitario S.L.

Presentation of the company and solutions, Spain

Anna Dyc


Key issues in the preparation, thermal treatment and freezing of fruit and vegetable products
Jan Szałas Conference summary


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