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Szałas Agro is distinguished by close cooperation with growers, producers and specialists in the hops, fruit and vegetable industry.

Szałas Agro brings together experts associated with the hops, fruit and vegetable industry. The company builds credibility by cooperating with independent advisers, scientists from research institutes, as well as agrotechnicians. Thanks to constant consultations, Szałas Agro has access to valuable knowledge, used to implement modern and unique agrotechnical solutions. Szałas Agro, as the only distributor of offered products, provides their quality and full support in their correct and responsible application.

Calcium – the building block of firmness and shelf-life of berries [webinar]

All growers know very well how important calcium is in the nutrition of berry plants (and not only). This component...
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CaT™ technology – calcium as the main builder of plants

Plants absorb most (up to 90%) of the minerals necessary for their proper functioning through the hair roots in the...
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Blueberry Conference 2020

On March 4-6, 2020, the 8th edition of the Blueberry Conference organized by Jagodnik took place at the Warszawianka Hotel...
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The company’s offer is constantly expanded. It is always dominated by highly specialized products, perfectly suited to the nutrition and stimulation of crops.

Offered fertilizers strengthen the condition of plants and their internal resistance to negative factors, such as pathogens, diseases or pests.