Product features

Agro Humic Cristal is a natural fertilizer containing leonardite extract. The product was formulated in a solid form, in the form of “crystals” easily soluble in water.

Thanks to fulvic acids, the preparation perfectly solves problems related to the uptake of macro- and microelements in soil, such as potassium, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron, copper, manganese, zinc or boron. Fertilizer plays a key role in the absorption of metal ions. This process limits the losses of these components resulting from their leaching in the period of high plant demand, enabling their active uptake. Fulvic acids contained in the fertilizer improve root and shoot growth due to the auxin-like effect.

Humic acids obtained from leonardites are characterized by very high biological and chemical activity. They have a positive effect on improving soil fertility by improving its physicochemical and biological properties, which ultimately affects plant productivity. They improve soil structure by flocculation and cementing of small soil particles into larger, well-aerated clumps (improvement of soil water-air relations). The preparation has a high ability to absorb water and carbon dioxide due to the very well-developed porous system of substances included in organic matter. Organic substances that slowly undergo mineralization ensure long-term absorption of the fertilizer and protect the plant against heavy metals. Agro Humic Cristal allows maintaining favorable microflora in the soil, which also has a positive effect on the proper nutrition of plants.

Agro Humic Cristal due to its unique composition is an environmentally friendly preparation. It mitigates the negative impact of too high soil salinity on the growth and development of cultivated plants and reduces damage caused by the adverse effects of other stress factors. The use of the preparation supports the growth and stimulates the development of the root system.

Humic substances (total) 75%
humic acids 65%
fulvic acids 10%
Potassium oxide (K2O) 12%
pH 10,5
Benefits of use

+ strictly selected content of humic and fulvic acids for the best effect
+ soil structure improvement
+ improvement of soil water-air relations
+ optimization of nutrient uptake
+ increasing buffer and ion exchange capacity of soil
+ stimulation of soil microorganisms activity
+ stimulation of growth and development of the underground part of the plant
+ increased tolerance of the plant to increased soil salinity and other stress factors

Notes on the use

Agro Humic Cristal can be used in soil, including through fertigation, in all types of agricultural and horticultural crops. The fertilizer can be used during whole growing cycle, while maintaining 7-day breaks.

Application is recommended especially at the beginning of the season or immediately before the start of new plantings.

Recommended doses for single treatment
Soil application*, including fertigation
2,5  5 kg/ha
Spot application**
10  15 g/plant
Seedlings production***
2,5 kg/1000 l of water

*When applying on the soil with a sprayer, it is recommended to add the product to the tank in small portions to ensure right dissolution and mixing.

**When using precisely (spot use), for example before, during or after planting, ensure that the preparation is mixed with the soil.

***Perform the treatment a week before transplanting. Carefully pour a lot of spraying liquid onto the seedling trays/plant pots.