Product features

Agro Magno is a natural biostimulant, formulated with the use of stimulating ingredients of plant origin, characterized by very high and quick absorption. The product works by intensifying the metabolism of plants and improving their condition. Used regularly throughout the season, it acts as a biostimulator and growth promoter. Agro Magno is an innovative product in the range of plant biostimulators. The preparation is made as a result of the process of enzymatic hydrolysis of plant proteins rich in amino acids and oligopeptides. In the next stage of production, these ingredients are combined with free amino acids. Oligopeptides are characterized by low molecular weight, which results in their rapid assimilation. In combination with the slower digestible free amino acids, they provide stretched intake of the preparation.

The glutamic acid contained in the preparation has a positive effect on the synthesis of type B chlorophyll, thereby taking part in the proper course of photosynthesis. The amino acids contained in the preparation are also a carrier of nutrients, increasing the rate of their uptake and movement in the plant, among others by regulating the permeability of plant cell membranes. Agro Magno also stimulates plant growth under stress conditions, resulting, inter alia, from adverse weather changes or incorrect use of agrochemicals.

Nitrogen (N) total 13,27%
Nitrogen (N) organic 11,32%
Nitroen (N) nitrate 1,95%
Potassium oxide (K2O) 6,9%
Aminoacids (total) 67%
Peptides 4,3%
pH 5,7
Benefits of use

+ intensification of the plant growth process
+ intensification of the photosynthesis process
+ improving plant nutrient uptake
+ when used in soil, the product shows activity in a wide soil pH range
+ strengthening the natural resistance of plants to stress conditions

Notes of the use

Agro Magno can be used by fertigation or foliar, in all types of agricultural and horticultural crops. It is especially recommended to feed plants during periods of stress factors.

Recommended doses for single treatment
1,5 – 3 kg/ha
1 – 1,5 kg/ha

*Keep 7-10 days intervals between treatments.