Product features

Agro Raiz is an organic – mineral activator of the growth and development of the plant root system. The preparation works by releasing the plant’s potential by stimulating the physiological activity of its underground part. In this way, the use of the preparation increases the availability and digestibility of nutrients contained in the soil.

Due to the unique production process, that prevents the degradation of ingredients, the fertilizer is distinguished by a high content of natural ingredients such as growth hormones, algae extracts and vitamins, which are supplemented with mineral components. The rich composition of ingredients in a particular way improves the overall condition of the plant. The cytokinins contained in the product are involved in the process of cell division, in all phases of plant development, auxins, in turn, accelerate their elongation growth. Algae extract, on the other hand, improves the absorption of all ingredients by the roots. Phosphorus, as a component of phospholipids, has a direct effect on the synthesis of essential fatty acids. It also supports natural resistance to stress conditions in the soil under the influence of too low or too high temperature, excessive irrigation, salinity or replanting of plants.

Organic acids 8,5%
Enzymes 5%
Phosphorus (P2O5) 4,2%
Vegetable hormones:
of which: auxins, cytokinins, polysaccharides 3,0%
Extracts of algae 2,5%
Other ingredients:
macro and microelements, vitamins, nuclides
Benefits of use

+ stimulation of root system development, intensification of adventitious roots growth and development
+ effective uptake of nutrients by plants
+ support of the immune system during stress periods
+ faster translocation of calcium in the plant, resulting in a better economy of this component

Notes on the use

Fertilizer can be used by radicular application, also through fertigation, in all types of agricultural and horticultural crops.

It is recommended to be used during the whole vegetation cycle, while maintaining 15-day intervals between treatments. The use of the product is particularly recommended at the beginning of the vegetation period of plants or immediately before the start of cultivation.

The product can be used together (it is miscible) with herbicides.

Recommended doses for single treatment
Soil application*
5 – 10 l/ha
1 – 2% or 10 – 20 ml/plant
On plant trays***
0,25 – 0,5 l/100 m2 or 0,5 – 1/10 l of water

*The best results are obtained by using direct, spot watering around the planting. The treatment can be performed using a spray lance, herbicide beam or sprayer by using the lower nozzles.

**The dose of the preparation depends on the number of treatments and the size of the plants. For plants with a more extensive root system, higher doses are recommended.

***Application is done by spraying in advance. Seedling trays should be thoroughly sprayed with a large amount of working liquid so that the entire substrate used is wetted.