Product features

Citra Grow® is an innovative, liquid potassium fertilizer, applied by foliar or by fertigation. Citra Grow® is a new form of potassium, with a high bioavailability and the efficiency of collecting this ingredient, very easily absorbed and transported inside the tissues of plants

The fertilizer was formulated with the use of a unique technology consisting in a very fast and dynamic combination of potassium oxide with citric acid at a strictly defined temperature. Thanks to the specialized formulation achieved in this way, Citra Grow® is much faster absorbed and absorbed by both the roots and leaves of the plant, compared to conventional products based on nitrates, chlorides and potassium sulphates. At the same time, the formulation is completely safe for plants and ensures an efficient uptake of the ingredient as soon as 20 hours after application.

The formulation of Citra Grow® fertilizer is based on the Entry® technology, which in addition to the basic ingredients provides 30 additional substances, such as dispersants, penetrants, extracts and plant substances that activate its operation.

Potassium (K2O) 25%
Benefits of use

+ stimulates effective uptake and transport of potassium in plant tissues
+ improves the color of the fruit
+ increases dry matter, sugar content and fruit hardness
+ ensures even maturation of the fruit, which allows you to speed up the harvest
+ reduces premature fruit fall
+ improves metabolic processes occurring in xylem

Notes on the use

Citra Grow® can be used both by foliar application and through fertigation, in all types of agricultural and horticultural crops.

To ensure optimal use and absorption of the preparation, it is recommended to perform treatments before or during cold nights. Recommended intervals between treatments are about 10 days.

Recommended doses for single treatment
7 – 15 l/ha
0,25 – 0,35%

*The application rate for both methods of application depends on the size of the plant and the intensity of its growth.