Product features

Cytomax® is a complex biostimulant containing a mixture of chelated micronutrients. It is chelated with complexing agent EDTA, which has been specially developed and formulated together with 20% of brown algae Ascophyllum Nodosum, 25% of polisaccharides and 4% of laminarin. The product plays first of all an important function of the regulator of the energy management of plants, quickly providing and ensuring the proper management and effective metabolism of nutrients in key periods of plant demand. The quintessence of Cytomax® is an 0.1% addition of three different typologies of cytokines of vegetal origin.

Cytomax® also improves the even formation and binding of flower buds, therefore its use is particularly recommended when the growth of the plant is too intense. The phytohormones contained in the product give the possibility to stimulate plant metabolism in a natural way. Cytokinins, for example, affect not only the vegetative but also the generative development of the plant. They are a biological stimulant of cell division and growth, the result of which is obtaining larger and more unified fruit sizes. The fertilizer also has a positive effect on their storage stability.

The formulation of Cytomax® fertilizer is based on the Entry® technology, which in addition to the basic ingredients provides additional substances such as dispersants, penetrants, extracts and plant substances that activate its action.

Due to the specificity of the product, the first treatment is recommended to be applied before the flowering phase or at the end of the flowering phase, after the flower petals fall from the inflorescence. Subsequent treatments should be performed at 10-day intervals. In order to ensure the best effect, it is recommended to use Cytomax, in combination with nutrients – especially those from the Grow More® and Grow More® Special range or with the Maxi Plex® microelement fertilizer.

Iron (Fe) 1,0%
Manganese (Mn) 0,5%
Zinc (Zn) 0,5%
Benefits of use

+ supports the development of flower buds
+ stimulates the processes of cell division
+ regulates the setting and optimizes the number of flower buds on young shoots
+ reduces vegetative growth for generative growth
+ improves absorption of nutrients
+ improves plant resistance to climate change and environmental stress, such as drought or frost
+ reduces the apical dominance of shoots and roots, improving their habit and structure
+ positively affects the formation of uniform fruit sizes
+ enhances root development

Notes on the use

Cytomax® can be used both by folar application and through fertigation, in all types of agricultural and horticultural crops.

Biostimulant should not be used in combination with synthetic growth hormones, growth regulators and herbicides and high pH products. Do not exceed the recommended dose. During one growing season, a maximum of three treatments can be performed. Do not use in the form of foliar spray during flowering, drought or high temperatures. The first treatment is recommended to be done 10-15 days before the start of flowering.

Recommended doses for single treatment
1 – 1,5 l/ha
0,5 – 1 l/ha

*The spraying mixture concentration should be at least 0.01%. If small amounts of water are used, the dose should be reduced proportionally.