Product features

Fuego is a concentrated organic fertilizer based on hydrolysed vegetable proteins, stimulating optimal growth and the overall condition of plants by releasing the genetic potential of plants. The fertilizer formulation is based on Entry® technology, which in addition to the basic ingredients provides additional substances such as dispersants, penetrants, extracts and plant substances that activate its operation.

The unique combination of natural Fuego components significantly increases biological activity of plants, thus supporting the effective development of leaves and fruits. Fuego is a source of L-amino acids, enzyme complexes, glutathione, salicylic acid and other substances that participate directly in the complex physiological processes of plants, including intensifying their immune mechanisms.

In addition, the product is also distinguished by the content of a specific, synthesized protein from the group of oligosaccharides – FK-725®. It is an innovative inductor of new generation resistance from the group of defensins, which are beginning to play an increasingly important role in stimulating the resistance of crop plants to various species of pests and fungal diseases.

Nitrogen (N) 5%
Carbon (C) 5%
Benefits of use

+ stimulation of energy acquisition and storage
+ stimulation of growth and maturation of fruits with an increased sugar content
+ increasing the content of dry matter in fruit and a positive impact on the unification of their size
+ stimulating the immune system of plants to stress factors and fungal diseases

Notes on the use

Fuego can be used both by foliar application and through fertigation, in all types of agricultural and horticultural crops.

Do not use the product with growth regulators, oils, dinitric compounds, sulfur, synthetic growth hormones and high pH products.

Recommended doses for single treatment
2 kg/ha
(max. 10 kg/ha during whole season)
2 kg/ha
(max. 10 kg/ha during whole season)

*Keep 7-10 days intervals between treatments. Maximum number of treatments in the season is 4-5.