Product features

Grow More® is a series of fertilizers produced on the basis of the highest quality ingredients, using advanced technologies Entry®, B-99® and PPI®. These fertilizers are currently considered one of the most advanced on the global market. All components used for their formulation are distinguished by a high purity and solubility index. They were selected in such a way as to meet the nutritional needs of individual crop species at various stages of their development.

Grow More® are characterized by high efficiency of action. Thanks to the Entry® technology, the absorbability of the components resulting from the reduction of the surface tension is increased. The absorption time is extended, while minimizing the losses of these components. These advantages result from the addition of over 30 different substances, such as dispersants, penetrants, extracts and herbal substances that activate its action.

PPI® (Poly Power Impact) technology enriches fertilizers with extracts and organic substances that significantly accelerate the effective circulation of nutrients in the plant. These components are completely soluble in water and eliminate sediment precipitation, which determines their high suitability for use in sprayers and fertigation installations.

The micronutrients contained in fertilizers in the form of easily digestible EDTA chelates show high chemical stability and activity over a wide pH range. This is the result of the B-99® technology used, thanks to which fertilizers have a buffer effect, giving the ability to control the pH of the water used in the treatments. In addition, when mixing fertilizers with various plant protection agents, B-99® prevents the hydrolysis and degradation of the molecules of active substances, thanks to which the stability of the mixtures is much higher. The availability of all ingredients is facilitated while maintaining full solubility and homogeneity of the mixture.

Grow More® fertilizers can be applied by foliar application or by fertigation in all agricultural and horticultural crops. It is possible to combine them with the most commonly used plant protection products.


Each Grow More® fertilizer contains a full set of nutrients.

Iron (Fe) 0,2%
Manganese (Mn) 0,1%
Zinc (Zn) 0,05%
Copper (Cu) 0,05%
Boron (B) 0,01%
Molybdenum (Mo) 0,005%
Benefits of use

+ balanced course of physiological processes and plant development
+ high efficiency of operation
+ ease of assimilation of nutrients supplied
+ improvement of the quality and size of the crop
+ stimulation of the development of the root system
+ supporting the immune system
+ eliminating damage caused by environmental stress factors
+ full solubility in cold water
+ very low electrical conductivity
+ low content of chlorides ensuring a fully safe effect of fertilizers on plants
+ B-99® technology to prevent precipitation of fertilizer components even at high pH
+ prevents reaction with phosphates and formation of deposits
+ ensures assimilation of ingredients even with low quality water

There are 12 different formulations of Grow More® range products available. We offer 4 main products in permanent sale, the others are available only on request.

GM® 20.20.20 GM® 30.10.10 GM® 12.48.8 GM® 4.0.46
EC [1 g/l, 25°C] 0,48 mS/cm 0,35 mS/cm 0,65 mS/cm 0,90 mS/cm
solubility [kg/100 l H2O, 25°C] 52,6 67,2 46,9 19,0
maximum content of Cl 0,025% 0,025% 0,025% 0,030%
pH for 1% solution 5,80 6,18 5,59 6,3
GM® 20.10.20 GM® 10.30.20 GM® 15.5.25 GM® 15.20.25
EC [1 g/l, 25°C] 0,77 mS/cm 0,79 mS/cm 0,90 mS/cm 0,70 mS/cm
solubility [kg/100 l H2O, 25°C] 33,3 35,0 48,4 33,3
maximum content of Cl 0,025% 0,025% 0,030% 0,031%
pH for 1% solution 5,80 5,72 6,40 5,93
GM® 10.52.10 GM® CaO GM® 9.15.30 GM® 12.0.45
EC [1 g/l, 25°C] 0,65 mS/cm 1,40 mS/cm 0,80 mS/cm 1,00 mS/cm
solubility [kg/100 l H2O, 25°C] 45,5 36,8 27,0 33,8
maximum content of Cl 0,025% 0,025% 0,030% 0,00%
pH for 1% solution 5,4 7,29 5,98 7,67
Recommended doses for single treatment
0,3 – 0,6%
0,25 – 0,5%
150 – 200 g/1000 l water

*The maximum dose in the season is 50 kg/ha.