Product features

HortiCaltech is the leading calcium fertilizer on the market due to the CaT ™ technology specially developed and patented together with Plant Impact. This technology effectively improves mobility and distribution of calcium within the plant to active growth points in the plant, such as flowers, pods, fruits and leaves. Thanks to this formulation, stronger cell walls are produced and physiological disorders are prevented due to a deficiency of this component (among others, bitter subcutaneous blotch of apples, cracking of grapes, sour and sweet cherries, rot of tomato and pepper, tip-burn in lettuce and strawberries).

Thanks to the active transport of calcium in the plant, much better harvest quality is obtained, resulting in a significantly longer shelf life of products directed to the fresh market. Plantation efficiency is also directly improved by increasing the dry matter and calcium content in vegetables and fruits.

Nitrogen (N) total 8,0%
Ammonium nitrogen (N) 0,34%
Nitrate nitrogen (N) 7,66%
Calcium (Ca) 9,5%
Zinc (Zn) 0,8%
Benefits of use

+ improves the quality of products by strengthening plant tissues
+ increases crop efficiency and sugar content
+ effectively prevents the effects of calcium deficiency
+ extends the shelf life of products by improving the durability of plant tissues and fruit firmness
+ shows excellent miscibility with other fertilizers and pesticides
+ shows excellent effects of use in all types of crops

Notes on the use

HortiCaltech can be used in the form of foliar fertilization or through fertigation in all types of horticultural crops. It is recommended to use from the beginning of leaf development until the late stages of fruit and vegetable development.

Recommended doses for single treatment
Fertigation* **
0,15 – 0,2 l/100 l
0,5 – 2 l/ha

*The target dose for the season is 3 – 6 l/ha for potato, onion, letucce, broccoli and other vegetables, 6 – 8 l/ha for berry bushes and 10 – 12 l/ha for fruit trees. In order to obtain accurate recommendations for the selected crop, it is recommended to contact the distributor.

**For fertigation use, always add HortiCaltech to the calcium nitrate tank.