Product characteristics

HortiHumic Complex is a unique fertilizer on the market of humic preparations, due to its excellent solubility in the full pH range. Due to its unique formulation, the product is miscible even with phosphoric acid and with fertilizers containing phosphate. The composition of the fertilizer is balanced by the addition of 50% of humic acids improving the ion exchange capacity of the soil and 20% of fulvic acids improving the root and shoot growth due to the auxin-like effect. HortiHumic Complex is able to increase phosphate levels in the soil, resulting in strong rooting of replanted or newly planted crops. The preparation is especially recommended if phosphorus is blocked in the soil due to the high content of calcium in the soil or high pH. In addition, it improves the soil structure by flocculating and cementing small soil particles into larger, well-aerated clods.

humic acids 50%
fulvic acids 20%
Carbon (C) (total) 52%
Nitrogen (N) 0,4%
Sulphur (S) 6,8%
Calcium (Ca) 1,5%
Potassium (K) 15%
Oxygen (O) 11%

+ the perfect organic mixing preparation with all mineral fertilizers, also those containing phosphorus, improving soil biology
+ strictly selected content of humic and fulvic acids for the best effect
+ increases the ion exchange capacity of soil and other cultivation media
+ increases the availability and absorption of nutrients
+ improves seed germination and root growth
+ stimulates and nourishes soil microorganisms creating a healthy soil environment
+ ensured operation in the full range of pH 0,5 – 14

Notes on the use

HortiHumic Complex can be used both foliar and via fertigation, in all types of agricultural and horticultural crops.

Single application
1 – 2 kg/ha (vegetable crops, lettuces)
3 – 4 kg/ha (berry bushes, fruit trees, hops)
0,5 – 1 kg/ha
Production of cuttings / seedlings***
0,5 kg/ha

* For vegetable crops and salads, treatments are recommended after planting, then up to 3 times during the vegetation cycle. For the cultivation of berry bushes and fruit trees, additional treatments are carried out 3 weeks after the flower buds break.

** The dose depends on the size of the plant, the intensity of its growth and the length of the growing season. Perform a maximum of 3 treatments per season.

*** Perform the procedure one week before transplanting.