Product features

HortiHydrate Pro is a modern, non-ionic preparation with a complex formulation. The special properties of the preparation allow for efficient water management in soil, which is particularly important during periods of high temperatures or prolonged droughts. HortiHydrate Pro is a unique product because it uses inverted block copolymer technology, which are water-binding particles with a much longer life than standard polymers. Thanks to this, the preparation’s effect is even more effective.

HortiHydrate Pro is a mixture of polymers with different chain lengths, thanks to which the product performs the four most important functions of this type of preparations.

surfactant function
spreading (short polymers) water “spread” over a larger surface due to the reduction of surface tension
penetration (short polymers) easier water penetration into deeper layers of soil, also in dry and hard-wet areas
wetting (medium and long polymers) by combining hard-wettable substrate with water, even moisture of the substrate and water penetration during subsequent irrigation cycles are ensured
retention (medium and long polymers) prolonged effect of HortiHydrate Pro applied to the soil/substrate

HortiHydrate Pro is an extremely safe preparation, also for young and delicate plants. It can even be used to improve seed germination because it softens and speeds germination by facilitating access to nutrients and water.

Surfactants 100%
Benefits of use

+ complex formulation formulation provides many surfactant functions simultaneously
+ unique addition of inverted block copolymers ensuring extended preparation duration
+ improvement of water penetration and ensuring its even distribution
+ maintaining adequate humidity of the substrate
+ reduction of the risk of dry areas in the soil / substrate and water shortage
+ providing the plant with full soil / substrate volume for developing the root system
+ maximum utilization of applied fertilizers and supplied water resulting in maximization of plantation efficiency and good condition of the above-ground part of the plant
+ can be used in any type of substrate / soil, even in very poorly wettable materials such as sand or coconut
+ product very easily mixable with all preparations, reducing foaming
+ the product does not show any phytotoxicity, naturally degradable

Notes on the use

HortiHydrate Pro can be used in soil as well as through fertigation in all types of agricultural and horticultural crops. HortiHydrate Pro is a non-ionic preparation, thanks to which it does not react with metals in the sprayer. Does not show any phytotoxicity. The product is naturally broken down by the activity of soil microbes. Can be applied using all irrigation/fertigation systems

Recommended doses for single treatment
frequency of application* required concentration (to l of water) per 1000 l of water, direct into tank per 100 l of stock mix for further dilution dilution ratio
constantly 0,01 ml/l (10 ppm) 0,01 l 0,1 l 1:100 (1%)
weekly 0,1 ml/l (100 ppm) 0,1 l 1,0 l
weekly – monthly (short-term crops) 0,25 ml/l (250 ppm) 0,25 l 2,5 l
monthly – quarterly (most crops) 0,5 ml/l (500 ppm) 0,5 l 5,0 l
quarterly – longer (max. longevity) 1 ml/l (1000 ppm) 1,0 l 10,0 l

*The duration of action of HortiHydrate Pro can be adjusted by selecting the appropriate dose of use.