Product features

HortiKelp is a unique, highly concentrated algae fertilizer with a solids content of 30%. The substrate is obtained in the modernized, natural extraction process of Ascophyllum Nodosum brown algae, thanks to which the composition of the product is rich in extremely valuable substances while maintaining a very favorable, low pH of the fertilizer. The content of dry fraction, as well as bioactive, natural growth hormones is very high, which translates into small doses of use. Each batch of HortiKelp is standardized and tested, hence the contents of individual ingredients are precisely defined and appropriately selected.

HortiKelp is a natural preparation that perfectly supports plants during the season, through appropriate anti-stress and biostimulatory effects. The ingredients contained in the fertilizer ensure sustainable development by increasing the intake and transport of nutrients, and also improve all metabolic processes of plants.

Nitrogen(N) 0,58%
Phosphorus pentoxide (P2O5) 0,29%
Phosphorus (P) 0,13%
Potassium oxide (K2O) 1,02%
Potassium (K) 0,85%
Mannitol 4,4%
Fucoidan 2,7%
Laminarin 6,0%
Alginic acid 7,4%
Gibberellins 46 ppm
Cytokinins 87 ppm
Auxins 27 ppm
Betaines 126 ppm
Benefits of use

+ very quick action on plants
+ unique formulation with a low pH of 4.8 ensuring excellent miscibility and compatibility with other preparations
+ high content of bioactive compounds such as growth hormones, alginic acid, betaines and mannitol
+ cytokinin, gibberellin and auxin growth hormones contained in the fertilizer are present in a strictly defined 4: 2: 1 ratio, ensuring the most effective action
+ low doses due to the high concentration of the product
+ improved flowering and fruit setting, resulting in better fruit retention
+ immediate support for the growth and development of fruit/vegetables and the whole plant
+ organic formulation – all fertilizer ingredients are natural

Notes on the use

HortiKelp can be used both foliar and through fertigation, in all types of agricultural and horticultural crops.

It is particularly recommended to perform two treatments: before the flowering period, to reduce flower/bud fall, and after this period, to improve fruit and vegetable growth. However, the treatment performed at the beginning of fruit/vegetable growth allows them to reach a larger size.

Recommended doses on single treatment
0,025 ml/l stock feed (constant application in conc. 1%)
0,05 – 0,3 ml/l stock feed (periodic feeding)
0,5 – 1 l/ha
100 ml/100 l of water

*Application through fertigation is particularly recommended at the initial stage of plant development to enhance plant growth, as well as during flowering and fruiting. The dose and number of treatments depends on the size of the plant: 3 treatments for fruit trees and hops, 2 treatments for vegetable growing and 1 treatment for lettuce.

**The dose depends on the size of the plant, its intensity of growth and the length of the growing season.

***Perform the treatment one week before transplanting.