Product features

Olio Vegetale is a natural product based on soybean extract. The production process uses the patented Supercote® technology, which involves the use of technologically advanced physical processes and supplementing the product with specialized formulatory additives. Olio Vegetale streamlines the process of plant transpiration, thus regulating the water management of plants.

Based on many years of research, it has been proven that vegetable oils are effective against powdery mildew, scab, gray mold, spider mites, aphids, thrips and whitefly. In the case of pests, the action is typically mechanical by covering insects and mites with a viscous coating, which in effect may prevent breathing, movement and feeding, thus causing the disappearance of vital processes. As for fungal diseases, vegetable oils act rather fungistatically, inhibiting their development and causing dehydration, deformation of mycelium cells and fungal spores.

The advantage of such preparations, unlike paraffin and mineral oils, is undoubtedly the lack of any harmfulness for plants and avoiding the risk of plant damage at any stage of development. They are also completely safe for both humans and the environment.

Olio Vegetale Supercote® is a great addition to commonly used agrochemicals, because it improves their activity and intensifies the obtained effects. In addition, the possibility of using Olio Vegetale as an additive allows to effectively reduce the phytotoxicity of mixtures. It is a perfect complement to a conventional protection program as an accompanying preparation or substitute in anti-resistance strategies, and due to its natural origin and safe formulation, use is possible just before harvest.

Vegetable oil extracted from soybean 90%
Benefits of use

+ improves water management in the plant
+ enhances the metabolic activity of the plant
+ activates the natural resistance of plants to diseases and pests
+ intensifies the color of leaves
+ creates an oil protective layer, which at the same time gives gloss to the leaves
+ works perfectly with agrochemicals and improves their activity
+ allows effective action on pests and fungal diseases
+ can be used as a substitute for conventional preparations
+ the product application is completely safe even just before harvest

Notes on the use

Olio Vegetale Supercote® is recommended for foliar application in all types of agricultural and horticultural crops. The product should not be used in combination with synthetic growth hormones, products based on copper, calcium and mineral oils, herbicides and high pH products.

Recommended doses for single treatment
Foliar (individually)
0,4 – 0,5%
Foliar (in mixtures, as an adjuvant)
0,2 – 0,3%