Report from conference “Overview of trends and innovations in international horticulture”

On 02.02.2019 the first conference “Overview of trends and innovations in international horticulture” was organized by Szałas Agro – a new project by Import Export J.A.Szałas.

The event took place in the Czartoryski Palace, which is the seat of the Institute of Plant Cultivation and Soil Science in Puławy. The conference was attended by over 110 people associated with the fruit, horticultural and horticultural industry. Among the present there were both fruit and vegetables farmers as well as owners, advisors and specialists from companies related to the food industry.

The meeting was divided into two parts – the scientific part and the presentation of solutions. The first part was held by scientists from the Horticulture Institute in Skierniewice and a representative of the fruit industry from South Tyrol. Professor Lidia Sas presented key issues regarding the condition of soils in Poland, prof. Waldemar Treder discussed the systems of fertigation and water management in farms, and prof. Grażyna Soika presented the research and discussed the situation regarding the protection of crops against pests. The first stage was completed by Dr. Karl Frasnelli talking about the experience of fruit farmers and discussing the structure of growing apples in South Tyrol. The second part consisted of three presentations on products offered by Szałas Agro.

We would like to thank all guests who decided to visit us at our conference that day!

Jan Szałas

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